Creative Philosophical Consultation

Some people just can’t bring their idea out into practice. They need coaching.

You are not one of them. You get up in the morning and can’t hold yourself from doing the next thing waiting to be done. You are bored from striking out your to-do list which always needs more items added before the day comes to its end.

But when it comes back to theory … uhhh …

I’m offering a limited number of free sessions of philosophical consultation for the artistically and creatively minded. This is you! If you:

  • are an artist, performer, writer, …
  • are engaged creatively in the process of making something new
  • have an idea that you want to test conceptually
  • or simply explore your own life in a creative lens

Then lets meet! I’m eager for your input.

Philosophical Consultation seeks to connect philosophy back with its roots as a Method of Life. The Arts, on their side, have for the most part always taken this position. It’s time to call the two for a deeper dialogue.

This is currently my experiment in understanding how to connect my academic philosophical knowledge and experience with the practical aspects of human creativity. Or, to use another term, with practical philosophy of actual life. We will talk about your ideas, your work, your creative interests, and I will try to guide you through understanding the concepts, the structures and also the contradictions that make them what they are. I hope we would both learn from this!

Are you interested? Then contact me at