Process History
! Under Construction !
(Obviously. But I mean reconstructing some forgotten past)

Current / Upcoming


  • Creative coding – returning after years away. Refreshing some Processing and trying SuperCollider (found some sounds that I created in the past!)
  • Romanian language


The Program of “Take My Space Away” (2017)
Take My Space Away, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, Germany.
Bad artist next to bad artwork (2016)
The Making of the Unrealised, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, Germany
Rosewater (2015)
Performative Friday 5th edition, Ida Nowhere, Berlin, Germany
untitled (2013)
Blauverschiebung International Performance Art Festival no. 6, Galerie KUB, Leipzig, Germany
Another Non-Apple (2013)
Final performance of PASStudies #32 | absurdity, Berlin, Germany
Counting (2013)
Archi-Parchi-Tura Street Party, downtown Haifa, Israel
Not a Performance (2013)
Massada Street Festival, Haifa, Israel
Mummy Named Me (2012)
Massada Street Festival, Haifa, Israel
untitled (2012)
Performative guided tour, Haifa, Israel
A Body Parts (2012)
Massada Street Festival, Haifa, Israel



  • Performance workshop @ Interdisciplinary Artists Weekend, Desert Vision Museum, Arad Israel [20.10.2018]


  • Association for Performance Art in Berlin: Back to Basics: …Time. 8 hours duration workshop with performance artist John Court [Nov. 2017]

  • Aggregate States of Knowledge (see under “Academic”) [July 2016]

  • PAS | Performance Art Studies, Berlin: PAS #32 | absurdity. 13 days long intensive performance art studies with performance artist BBB Johannes Deimling [Aug. 2013]

  • ZAZ Performance Art Festival, Haifa, Israel: Workshop with Dorothea Rust and Monica Klingler [Dec. 2012]

  • Desert Vision Museum, Arad, Israel: Interdisciplinary artists Weekend [Oct. 2012]

  • Miklat 209 | Performance Art Platform, Tel Aviv, Israel: Performance Art – Introductory Workshop. Half-year long weekly workshop with performance artist Tamar Raban [Jan. 2012 – June 2012]


Online Courses

Language Learning

  • Romanian language [2018–]
  • Arabic language (Levantine) [2009, 2013]
  • German language [2005–2014]
  • Latin language [2004–indefinitely relearning]


  • Master in Philosophy, University of Potsdam, Germany [2015–2018]
    • (Before changing to Potstam) Master in Philosophy, Technical University of Berlin [2014–2015]
  • Bachelor (double major) in Philosophy (summa cum laude) and Music Theory, University of Haifa, Israel [2007/8–2011]
    • (Before changing to philosophy) English Language and Literature, University of Haifa, Israel [2007–2008]